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Please join us and make your #StillBisexual video.

It’s simple—grab some paper and Sharpies and write some short sentences describing your dating and relationship history. Start with when your love life began. Who did you date? Did you think you were straight? Did you think you were gay? Did you think you were bi? Did you come out as any of those orientations? If you did, state the year. Tell us the rest of your dating history — how others reacted to your sexuality and how you reached the conclusion that your bisexuality/ pansexuality/queerness was here to stay. Tell the year you came out as bi or realized your sexuality was fluid. State how many years you’ve been an out bisexual (or whatever your preferred label is). End your video with a title card with the hashtag #StillBisexual.

Share your video with @StillBisexual and on this Facebook page.


1.) Write a rough draft of the text of your video on a piece of paper or in Microsoft Word. Don’t know what to say? Download our worksheet: How to Write and Film Your StillBisexual Video (English)  or #StillBisexual Hoja de trabajo (Spanish).

2.) Make sure the length of your sentences and phrases are short. If they’re not, you’ll have to hold up each card for a long period of time and people will get bored. You will also inadvertently make a super long video people won’t have the patience to watch. It’s better to spread these thoughts into many cards so you can flip them quickly and won’t lose your momentum.

3.) Use a black Sharpie to write your phrases and sentences onto 8-1/2 x 11 standard white paper. Or type them out horizontally in Microsoft Word in a font that’s big enough to read, then print them out.

4.) Start by telling the story of your first boyfriend or girlfriend or when you came out for the first time and mention the year. For example, “I came out as gay in 1985.” Or “I had my first boyfriend when I was 16.” When you get to the part that you mention realizing you were bi, pansexual, queer, etc., write the year. For example, “I came out as bisexual in 2003.” Or  “I came out as pansexual in 2009.” Or “I realized I liked men and women in 1997.”

If you haven’t come out yet, that’s okay. Just mention your bisexual or fluid behavior that led you to realize you were bi.

Continue telling your past dating and relationship history until you reach present day. End with the final card saying, “#StillBisexual”.

Note: If you don’t love the word “bisexual,” no problem. Hashtag the other monikers of your community (#pansexual, #polypride, whatever you like) before ending with #StillBisexual.  (Note: It is crucial to say #StillBisexual so all of this lovely content ends up in the same place.)

5.) The average number of cards that will fit within a 2 minute video (and try to keep it under 2 minutes) is about 25-30 .

6.) Buy card stock OR use 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of computer paper. Write in all CAPS so it’s easy to read by the viewer.

7.) Do a dry run, practice flipping the cards to a steady pace. When you actually record your video, either do it on your laptop so you can silently read the cards in your head so you don’t flip them too fast OR have someone film you and say what the cards say aloud so you know when to flip them.

8.) Set up your camera. Use the one in your laptop or on your cell phone. You can use any camera you like as long as you know how to import the footage into an editing software like iMovie.

9.) You might have to sit on a pillow so your head is sitting high enough to show your face and your cards.

8.) Upload the raw footage to us by following these instructions. Email to let us know you have uploaded your footage. We will add a song, edit the video, make sure you like it, then post it to our website and social media. 


9.) If you have any problems, need help, email us at

  1. As a retired Bisexual radical monk from Chicago, I am very grateful for this campaign. I was part of I Am Visible campaign with Bi Social Network. Thank you next generation. “Long live Bisexuals!”

  2. Wow, this is an amazing idea and site. I’ll get to making my #stillbisexual video soon. I like to be a little bit creative with mine. Going to be vlogging about being a bisexual Nudist actually- Love to know any others.

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