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Take a #StillBisexual Selfie to show your bi pride!

Want to participate in the #StillBisexual campaign but feeling too shy to make a video? Well, have no fear: You can join in the fun by downloading our new #StillBisexual logo in color or black and white. Just print it out and take a selfie with it, then tweet it to @StillBisexual or #StillBisexual and post it to our Facebook page. Show your bi pride and that your identity is here to stay!

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Take a #StillBisexual Ally Selfie to show support for your bi friends!

Wanna show the bi community a little love? Take a pic of yourself with the #StillBisexual Ally sign and tweet it out to @StillBisexual and to the campaign’s Facebook page. Download it here.


Ready to make a #StillBisexual video? Download worksheets on How to Write Your StillBisexual Script for your video.


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