Bisexual Health Facts

Bisexuals comprise 52% of the LGB community.

Yet receive less than 1% of LGBT funding.

This lack of funding has had an impact on bisexual health outcomes…

Download “Bisexual Women’s Risk Factors”

Download “Bisexual Men’s Risk Factors”

Download “Bisexual Youths Risk Factors”

Download “Little Known Facts About the Bisexual Community” This document includes the pie chart at the top of the page, the LGBT Funders graph and links/sources for all of the stats pictured above.

The sexualization of bisexual women leads people to misconstrue the bisexual identity itself as consent. For this reason, we have created a “Bisexual Women’s Bill of Rights” to reassert the rights of bi women.

Download “Bisexual Women’s Bill of Rights”