#StillBisexual – Maja Thalen

  1. It took me a while to find “my bisexual self” represented on this website video selection. I am using a smartphone, for UI/UX experience reference.

    I am sure there are other female bisexual poly/ non-married videos on this site, and will search a little bit more to find them.

    On that note, the thumbnail selection of videos UI/UX experience somewhat startlingly leans toward 80% male representation, with a mere 20%, or TWO bisexual women. The user has to dig deeper to find female bisexual poly representation as well as aging bisexual females.

    I’m already saddened by the erasure of my identity within the community.

    Let’s do more to level the playing field, here, in equal support.

    On another note, if you’d like to discuss or address the erasure of bisexuality in California’s public schools’ mandated sexual harrassment training videos and associated quizzes, I am more than happy to speak out.

    Thank you

    • We are in the process of redesigning our website so people can find videos of people like themselves much easier. We have plenty of poly representation and hopefully, it will be easier to access soon.

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